Friday, August 12, 2011

Project 365: Week 11

Well, after 3 months of chaos and no internet, it is time to get caught up on Project 365. I will post one or two each day until I get caught up.

Pepper made this little whale at Pre-K. It was just too cute not to share.

I took photos of the kiddos for Matt for Father's Day. This was my favorite of many great shots.

Snapper's class built this paper town in social studies. They had a contest to determine which student got to bring it home. Snapper won, and "Johnsonville" became the new playground for Pixie. This earned Pixie two nicknames: Catzilla and Cat Kong.

One of the year-end activities for Snapper's class was a vocabulary parade. Each student was assigned a vocabulary word. Then they had to make a hat representing that word. Then all the 3rd graders paraded for the K-2nd graders and shared their word hats. Snapper's word was "vibrant." I taught her the basics of sewing, and she tackled making a hat with my sewing machine.

 We celebrated Memorial Day with a picnic at the splash park with friends.

Vocabulary Parade day! Snapper's hat was definitely vibrant!

My MIL came to town so Matt and I could go to New Orleans to work at the Weekend to Remember getaway. Before we left, we spent a fun day at Gatorland.

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Stef said...

all the school projects look and sound so fun! Looking forward to those years :)
Rachel loves the hat. She is in awe that Snapper made a hat and also loves her "golden" hair :)