Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 365: Week 17

We spent the first few nights of our trip with our dear friends Brian and Carol in Tennessee. This is their new baby, R. Pepper adored her, and couldn't get enough of holding her.

Brian and Carol's 3rd daughter, A, has finally gotten old enough to be a fun playmate. She and Pepper had a great time together.

When we crossed the Mississippi River and entered Arkansas, I felt like we were coming home. After all, it was our home for almost 5 years!

We enjoyed a fantastic Sunday afternoon on Lake DeGray with some of our closest friends.

I had to include this picture, too. 

Matt's youngest sister, Debbie, and her hubs, Ryan, live in Arkansas. It was a treat to get to spend time with them. 

One of Snapper's top priorities was to spend time with her friends M and M. These girls have been friends since they were 3 years old. 

Pepper celebrated his 5th birthday while we were in Little Rock. His birthday party at the pool was pretty much like a family reunion for him. It was such fun seeing his friends and how much they have all grown in the year since we moved to Florida.

I made this incredibly awesome cake for Pepper after he requested a "bears at the beach" cake. Unfortunately, the jello and frosting melted as soon as we got the cake out of the fridge into the 100 degree heat and humidity. It was still tasty, though.

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Stef said...

loving all these updates! The picture of Pepper with the baby is just precious.