Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project 365: Week 18

On our last night in Little Rock, we stopped for frozen custard at our very favorite place, Shake's. I'm telling you, there is nothing more wonderful on a sultry summer evening than a concrete made of chocolate frozen custard with crushed Reese's cups mixed in. Oh. My. YUM!

This road day through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas was made much more fun by caravaning with our dear friends Jim & Karon and their three kids. We had lunch at Braum's, stayed in a hotel with a pool, and enjoyed dinner together.

The kids were thrilled to add cross another new state off their "States Visited" list. At ages 5 (Pepper) and 8 (Snapper), these kids have been in 30 U.S. states!

After a great night with friends, we headed to CSU Ft. Collins for our staff conference.

July 18th. With pounding heart and sweating palms, I put my precious daughter on a plane by herself. I couldn't hold back the tears as she walked down the jet bridge. As required by the airline, I stayed at the gate until her plane took off. It's a good thing I did, because after 20 minutes of sitting on the tarmac, the plane returned to the gate with a major mechanical problem. Southwest is amazing, though. They got everyone off the plane, moved us to another gate, and brought in another plane. No frantic struggle trying to get everyone re-booked onto different flights. No one was bumped. After a 2-hour delay, the entire flight boarded a different plane, and they took off with no problem. Snapper did great. She sat next to a nice, older lady who comforted her when she got sad about leaving Mommy. Snapper said that she stopped crying as soon as the plane took off.

2 hours later, she ran off the plane and into the arms of my parents. Snapper was spoiled R-O-T-T-E-N during her 9 days in California. We are SO glad we chose to send her to them.

Our conference kicked off on the 19th. There is nothing in the world like worshiping with 5,000 other missionaries. It was beyond words.

Matt got to teach a seminar along with his manager, Kathy. During the seminar, we launched our puppet video blog.  Click on this photo if you want to see the blog! Matt wrote it and is the puppeteer. I recorded it. Oh, and I made the puppet. Pretty cool!

Meanwhile in California...Snapper got to have a sleepover with her beloved cousins C&L. When their mommy Missy and I were kids, we used to love to have sleepovers together. Sometimes our moms would take us on Pajama Rides at night. They would steal us out of our beds, put us in the car, and take us to some wonderful place, like the ice cream parlor, or the toy store, or on drives to see Christmas lights. Missy took the girls on a Pajama Ride for frozen yogurt.

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