Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 365: Week 16

On June 30th, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. I love this man more every day.

DG4Kids is doing a puppet video blog! I made Danny to star in the blog. Visit to see the first video, which we posted last week!

We had a cookout with swim friends after their swim meet. Snapper is blessed to have wonderful team mates and friends.

This is Snapper's new best girlfriend. She spent the night and the girls enjoyed playing dress-up, having tea parties, and doing all things girly together.

Our 4th of July was very low-key this year since we were preparing for a month-long road trip. We did find a great fireworks show near our home.

The kids enjoyed some quiet time at the local library while Matt and I used the library's internet to help us gather everything we needed to register the kids for school. Being without internet at home for nearly 3 months made me realize how much we have come to depend on it. is time for our road trip! The few hours I spent making these seat-back organizers were totally worthwhile. They served us well over the course of 4 weeks and nearly 6,000 miles.

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Stef said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a gorgeous bride!