Friday, August 19, 2011

Project 365: Week 20

Day 1 in Wyoming. Matt and Brad were roommates in college, and we look forward to visiting Brad and Amy whenever we can. It is really fun to see our kids enjoying each other.

Snapper loved Brad and Amy's dogs. They are too cute!

Back in Little Rock, we got to meet with our community group from our church there. Bob and Sylvia are precious friends who happen to be some of our very favorite people. Sylvia was Pepper's Cubbies leader during Awana 2 years ago, and he adores her.

We stayed with friends Scott and Jenny and their four sweet girls. They are coming to visit us in December, and I am counting down the days!

Homeward bound!

 We spent the night in Hattiesburg, MS, and then had breakfast with my high school friend Christian. We have only seen each other one other time since his graduation, so it was awesome to catch up with him.

Another day on the road.

On our last morning, we stopped and swam at Panama City Beach in the Florida panhandle. I had planned on doing portraits of the kids, but the humidity was so ridiculous that my camera completely fogged up. So I was stuck using my phone camera, which just doesn't cut it for me. Bummer! The saddest part of the day was seeing the evidence of the Gulf oil spill. While everything looks okay, the water has a foul smell, and there are tiny oil droplets clinging to the bits of seaweed in the water. When we were searching for shells in the water, we found some tar balls. When we went back to our hotel to shower, we realized that our skin was oily, and it took hard scrubbing to get our skin clean. So, so sad.

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Stef said...

loved all the pics, but the one that stood out among the others was A.) how pretty Snapper is becoming
B.) I love her blue glasses!! :)