Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project 365: Week 19

Halfway through our conference, every ministry was given two days to meet individually. Because our team is so small, we decided to use our time to build our friendships, rather than having meetings. The 5 of us spent a beautiful day eating at fun, local places and enjoying scenic Rocky Mountain National Park.

Meanwhile in California...Snapper got to be the first of our family to meet the newest cousin, Baby A.  

While Matt and I were in our conference, Pepper got to go to Kids' Camp. He loved every bit of it, except for the "forever long nap" (30 minutes) each afternoon.

Meanwhile in California...Snapper got to have a sleepover with my Auntie Maggie. AM is my mom's sister, and she is the important link my kids have with their Grammy. Since my mom isn't here to know her grandkids, AM is substitute Grammy.

Every year, the conference team brings in a few big-name performers for the staff to enjoy. This year, we were treated to performances by Tenth Avenue North, The David Crowder Band, and our favorite, Tim Hawkins. We got second row seats, which were fabulous. It was also a bit gross, though, because Tim Hawkins sweats like nobody I've ever seen.

Meanwhile in California...Snapper got to have a sleepover with my sister, Auntie Jenny, and Uncle Daniel.

On Sunday, we took Pepper up to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our intent was to take him to Frontier Days, but a flat tire and a tornado warning thwarted our plans. We ended up seeing a movie and buying a cowboy hat for Pepper instead. And I got this awesome photo of my guys!

Meanwhile in California...My best friend Noel drove 3 hours to spend the day with Snapper. Snapper will always cherish her memories of the day the two of them spent together at the beach and the Boardwalk.

She is back! After 9 days apart, we were very happy to get our girl back.

Our conference finished on the 16th. On the 17th, we drove up into northeastern Wyoming to visit our good friends Brad and Amy. 

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