Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project 365: Week 21

Our new town has a monthly farmers' market. We celebrated being back in town by making a morning trip to the market. 

Snapper's swim team had a year end party and awards ceremony. She had fun bowling with 5 of her favorite teammates. We are very proud of Snapper for earning the Spirit Award for the team. She also won a high point trophy--a big accomplishment when you take into consideration how many girls are in her age group in Central Florida! 

There are lots of chickens roaming free through our town. These chickens make their home outside the library.

Snapper and Daddy spent some time online researching our family history. 

Pepper wears his helmet when he rides his hoppity-hop. Mr. Safety Patrol! 

This was an epic battle between Darth Daddy and Jedi Pepper! 

Pepper turned 5 when we were on our road trip, and I didn't get the opportunity to take his portraits during his birthday week. So this year's portraits were done one month late. Happy belated birthday to my 5-year-old boy!

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