Thursday, April 23, 2009


At 8:30 last night the temp was a glorious 78 degrees! Matt went for a run right after darkness fell. The kids were still wired after Awana, so they watched a short movie in their room to unwind while Matt was running. When he arrived home, he found two Spring Peepers getting busy on our front lawn. So, he broke up their romance and brought them in for Pepper to see. Pepper is terrified...TERRIFIED...of bugs. But he loves reptiles and amphibians. Go figure...

When Daddy called him down, Pepper came trotting down the stairs to see the "fwoggies." He demanded: "Daddy, give one fwoggie wight hewe!" and then held out his hands for the frog. The frog obligingly sat for a minute in Pepper's little hands before taking a flying leap onto the living room floor. For 10 minutes, I watched in delight as my 34-year-old husband crawled around the living room with our son, chasing the fwoggies. Pepper hopped on his hands and knees just like the fwoggies. I've never seen him do that particular movement before! One of the fwoggies kept singing, too, which added extra fun into the mix. I've decided that one of my favorite parts of being a mom is watching my beloved interacting with our babies. I wish I'd had my video camera out to capture the antics of my boys. I wish I could share with you the fwoggie hop Pepper did, and the expressions of joy on my husband's face as he shared 10 all-boy minutes with our son. It was special--one of those moments I've carefully filed in my memories. Just had to share this!

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Sarah Mae said...

So sweet! Did you take a picture?