Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I've Learned

Happy Tuesday!
Here's what I've learned this week.

1. A visit from a friend is food for the soul. Our best friends Stan and Noel came from California last week. Even though poor Stan got really sick for half the time here, we still had fun. Come visit us! Our guestroom is ready!

2. The fact that I hate running has not changed. What I learned, though, is that a really good pair of running shoes makes running so much more bearable! I got a great pair of Sauconys yesterday. I walk/jogged a mile (first time I've done that in a LONG time), and guess what? I'm not even slightly sore today!

3. You never get used to the sting of a negative pregnancy test.

4. My almost 3-year-old, Pepper, has figured out deceit. *Sigh* Time to work on honesty. That should make for an interesting series of posts!

5. God knows best. If you humbly seek HIS plan for your life, He'll work it out. Ask Him for what you want, but trust Him for His best (even when it is hard and/or you don't understand His decision). He always works it out. For a cool example of how God moved in direct response to my prayers, read this post.

For more records of learnings, tune in to Musings of a Housewife.
And enjoy these pics from my photo session with Stan and Noel!


Lori said...

Great post! Good for you for starting to run - I'm with you on the shoes. I just got some new ones to help me along as I walk Bloomsday and they make all the difference. :)

sarah said...

What totally fun pictures! I need new shoes. Mine rattle for some reason. They work but they rattle. Totally annoying.

Yes, God does know best, even when we disagree!

Have a great day.

Helen said...

I don't run but I am with you on good shoes. They make walking easier, too.

Stef said...

I look forward to these "what I've learned" posts.

The running shoes make a huge difference. Also, running isn't for everyone. If you do invest in some good shoes, get the ones with gel in them - they're awesome!

Sorry about the pregnancy test. I was telling Jason recently that its so odd how for some people, every time your "time of the month" comes around, some people are thrilled b/c it just means that time they're not ready for hasn't come. But then there's those couples where every month, that's like a personal funeral they have to deal with inside. :( I will pray for you!

Wendy said...

I'm so sorry for all the BFN's you've gotten on your pregnancy tests! I truly know how tough that can be. I hope that God will bless you with another little one!

As for the good shoes - to me, good running shoes would be the kind that do the running with no effort from me. Do you think they make that kind?

Hairline Fracture said...

Those are great pictures.

I know good shoes are necessary but I don't think I will be running. I walk briskly or do the elliptical!

I also think it's a HUGE lesson to learn to trust God. Even when you don't understand what he's doing.

girlofmanycolors said...

What a great blog! It is really so simple yet meaningful. I love it. Keep up the awesome work!

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Love your pics. I spy the "Old Mill".

Amy Platon said...

ohh, those shots are cute! nice job.