Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If You Don't Want Idol Results, Don't Read This!

The right bottom 3 was chosen.
The right person sat down.
The right bottom 2.
But Lil should be gone, just based on the fact that she has not done anything that the judges have suggested she do to improve.
Matt's performance last night was worse than Lil's...BUT...Matt has had many weeks FAR better than Lil.
Matt's sing-for-his-life was better than last night, I thought.
I was holding my breath, willing the judges to save him.
Hooray for Matt!

Hopefully next week will bring farewells to Anoop and Lil.

Another round of good news: we found a very good home for our little boy kitty, Tucker. We'll have Tucker with us until he's weaned (around the first week of June). Then he'll go to his new family, a friend from work, whose elderly cat recently died. They fell in love with the pics of Tucker that I posted on Facebook and asked today if he was spoken for yet. Perfect! I'm so relieved!


It Feels Like Chaos said...

Sorry, I don't watch Idol, but regarding your questions to my stain removal blog post on Tide with Colorsafe Bleach, it helps with grease but sometimes does not get it all out. Sometimes after soaking in the Tide with Bleach I find the grease stains then respond better to the Shout scrubbing than they did before the soaking. But, yes, I agree the grease stains are the hardest. For me the most annoying thing is I usually don't notice the grease stain until I've dried the item and then it is set in! For ink, I had luck with hairspray before.

Stef said...

Could not agree more!!! I was jumping and cheering when they saved Matt. I get waaaay too into this show. :)
I was angry that Lil didn't go home... I wonder if she is who Simon would have saved? I sometimes can't tell when he talks about things. He confuses me a bit.
I think Matt will do great on Disco week -- so he's cheering!