Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm So Glad He's Wrong!

I commented on someone's blog today that one of my very favorite parts of being a parent is listening to the funny things my kids say. I'm so glad that both of them are funny! It keeps life entertaining. If you are embarrassed or offended at the mention of certain anatomical terms, stop reading now!

So today, I was all dressed in my workout gear--mesh basketball shorts, sports bra, layered tank tops, running shoes. I had not left for my workout yet, but was sitting at the computer emailing to tell Matt we were on our way to meet him at work so I could work out in the gym there. Pepper comes over and does this:

Pats one of my boobs and says, "One!"
Pats the other boob and says, "Two!"
Pats my tummy and says, "Three!"

"Mommy, why you have 3 tummies?"

HA HA HA! I'm still laughing about this! It also reminds me how far I have to go with weight loss and body toning. But hey, I'm really glad I don't have 3 tummies...or 3 boobs, for that matter!


Amy Platon said...

haha, that's funny! So innocent, they are!

Stef said...

oh gosh! this makes me feel better!! my kids were looking at our wedding pictures last week and Ethan kept saying "look Rache! Mommy was so little and pretty!" so I told him I wasn't little, I was an adult... I was just younger and he says "No, your face was little and your body was little. Now you're bigger cuz you had babies in you." Wow... from the mouths of babes. :)

Jenn said...

So cute! My kids are always saying things like...when I get bigger I'm going to have a big bottom like Mommy. Yikes!

Sarah Mae said...

LOL! My two year old son put his hands there and says, "ball." :)

I would love to accept your offer to give away Passport for Purity - how generous of you!

I will announce it either tomorrow or Friday - is that okay?

Michelle said...

Well I'll give my confession too...

My 3 year old nurses still...and no, that's not my confession....but her baby brother does not. Go figure!

BUT HE DOES know where the milk is. He'll lift up my shirt and look for it. When he finds it, he pats it. MY STOMACH.

Thanks for visiting my blog. The journals are so fun. You should share them some time. I'd love a window in to someone's pregnancy.