Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wishin'...and Hopin'...and Sneezin'...and Itchin'!

We've had an action-packed 5 days. Pretty ordinary really, but it's my life and I like it. Here's a list--in no particular order--of some of the events of the last 5 days.

Both kids got to go to birthday parties, which means I got to eat cake! And oh, was it yummy!

Helped host a baby shower, for which I made cupcakes. I used my friend Taya's delicious buttercream frosting recipe. And oh, was it yummy!

Saw lots of pollen. Sneezed a lot. Took Benadryl. Slept like a rock and was hung over until noon the next day.

NASCAR proved to be, once again, very entertaining. Even though none of my favorite drivers, or my fantasy team drivers, finished in the top 15, I still enjoyed the race. Can we say crazy wreckage?

Thoroughly enjoyed a great Sunday evening with our awesome community group from church! We're looking forward to taking this Sunday morning off from our regular church activities and going out and serving in our community. More to come on that!

Saw lots more pollen. Sneezed a lot more. And itched my eyes a whole lot.

Went grocery shopping. Took both kids. Got to buy them both candy bars because they both went the entire hour WITHOUT WHINING!!! Take note of the date...I doubt this feat will be repeated any time soon. Oh, and I saved $35 using coupons and my shopping card. That's just over 20%!!!

Played with our kittens, Pixie and Mindy. Both are girl kitties. Both are very much in love with me. They run to the laundry room door mewing at the top of their lungs whenever they see me. Pixie has discovered with joy of chasing things...string, a ball, her mommy's tail, my finger, etc. STINKIN'! CUTE!

Saw lots and lots of pollen. Bought new (non-drowsy) allergy medicine. Still sneezing. And itching.

Rejoiced in Pepper's first accident-free night in big boy underwear! Three cheers for Pepper! This is also a feat that will not likely be repeated in the near future.

Spent a day praying for the needs of our ministry and other ministries affiliated with our ministry. It was a staff-wide prayer day yesterday, and it was wonderful. There's something so powerful about praying with a large group of people who share your faith and your passion for families!

Sneezed. And sneezed. And sneezed. And itched. My medicine isn't working! And there is pollen EVERYWHERE!

Prayed for rain.

Had a very productive workday at the office. Discovered (for about the 500th time) how much I detest heels, and remembered (yet again) why I almost always wear flats.

Ate brownies and watched Idol with my friend Karon. Bliss!

Played "Sharks and Minnows" in the gym with my 3rd-4th grade Awana kids tonight. Yes. I played. The kids loved it and I had fun. And then I realized that all the pollen has done a number on my lungs, as well as my sinuses and eyes. My well-controled asthma has lost control. I spent the next 10 minutes sitting on the gym floor fighting for breath, since my inhaler was at home. It is 4 hours later, and I still can't get a deep breath. There's a catch in my chest, and my lungs are sore. Stupid pollen!

Folded tons of laundry. Have tons more to fold. It's my own fault for not doing laundry for almost 3 weeks.

Got an A- in my first grad school class!!! Considering that 94-97 is an A-, and that the final was the hardest test I've ever taken, and that I didn't know what I was doing when writing the papers, I'm pleased as punch about my A-! The only way I can explain it, though, is to assume he graded on a curve. Otherwise I would have been toast. Three cheers for me! I ate a churro at church tonight to celebrate. And oh, was it yummy!

Am eagerly awaiting the arrival of friends Frank and Tammy from California tomorrow!!!

Am delighting in the buckets of rain which are dumping on my roof right now. I think the Arkansas River will be yellow tomorrow from all the pollen the rain is washing down the storm drains!

Am officially tired and my lungs hurt. And I just sneezed again. And that hurt. I think I'll call the doctor tomorrow. I've gotten away with no allergies ever since we moved here. It has been a welcome reprieve. But sadly, it is over. Time for some testing, I think.

And that's pretty much it for now. It's after midnight, so I think I'll go to bed.

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Lori said...

Sounds like a very busy week indeed! As a fellow allergie/asthma sufferer, I feel your pain! Hope you get some rain soon!