Monday, April 13, 2009

Surprised on Easter

When our Momma Kitty's kittens were born almost 2 weeks ago, Matt and I told Pepper and Snapper that we would not be keeping the kittens. We would need to find homes for them. We did not tell the kids that we would be keeping one of the kittens. Yesterday, Snapper came downstairs to find Pixie, the little girl kitten, in her Easter basket. The conversation was priceless. Here's how it went.

Snapper: "Mommy, I found my basket!"

S: "Look! Pixie's in my basket!"

S:"Oh Mom, she's so cute! She has a bow on her neck!"

Me: "Why do you think Pixie is in your basket?"
S: "Because it's Easter."
Me: "But why would I put Pixie in your basket"
S: "Because it's Easter and she's cute."

Me: "Why do I put candy and toys in your basket?
S: "Because you want to give me presents."
Me: "That's right. Why do you think I put Pixie in your basket?"
S: "Because she's somebody's present."

Me: "That's right! Whose present do you think Pixie is?"
S: "I don't know. Some other little girl."
Me: "Why would I put a present for some other little girl in your Easter basket?"
S: "Because we are finding a new home for Pixie."
Me: "But wouldn't that be mean of me to put some other girl's present in your basket?"

Me: "Do you think I would do something that mean to you? Snapper, who do you think Pixie is a present for?"
S: " she a present for me?"
Me: "Pixie is your kitty, Snapper!"

S: "WHAT!?! Are you KIDDING me?"
Me: "Why would I kid you about something like this?"

S: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Pixie is really mine?"
Me: "Yes. We are keeping Pixie!"

S: "I can't believe it! (giggle, giggle) This is amazing! (giggle giggle) This is the best day of my life!"

S: "Oh Pixie, you are my very own kitty. I don't have to give you away! I love you, Baby!"

So we have a newly established member of our family, and an ecstatic 6-year-old who is still questioning me to make sure she is not dreaming! What a perfect Easter!


Lori said...

I love the realization picture!

Stef said...

this was so adorable to look through. I love her face when she finally realizes its hers and she's just adoring the kitty.

Matt said...

Yay! More kitties! How fun!

She is quite a ham though, right?

The Yorks said...

absolutely priceless.

Jen said...

So sweet!