Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just An Ordinary Day

Nothing profound from me today. It was just another laid-back Saturday. We enjoyed family cuddle time in our bed when the kiddos woke up. Snapper likes to be all close up against Daddy, while Pepper prefers to crawl all over us, taking great pleasure in bouncing on our full bladders or blasting our noses with 2-year-old morning breath. Awkward though it can be at times, I love those morning cuddles. Both kids are getting so long, and I realize it most when they are lying next to me.

Breakfast was plan and ordinary: cold cereal. Then we took Deb-Deb to work, and headed up to LifeChange to work out in the fitness room. I love working out because I feel like I'm finally overcoming Lazy and doing something healthy for myself. I always walk out of the gym with a sense of accomplishment. But I'll tell you, I hated just about every second of the 1.25 miles I ran, the 150 crunches I did, and the 15 minutes of flexibility work. I really hate getting off the treadmill and not being able to focus my eyes because I feel like the ground is still moving under me.

We came home from the gym and crashed on the couch. Matt very kindly made quesadills for lunch, complete with a wonderful dipping sauce of mayo and mustard mixed. When I worked at the horse camp in New York, we had grilled cheese or quesadillas every week, and I got tired of both. The camp director's son Josh introduced me to that yummy dip, and I haven't been able to enjoy a grilled cheese or quesadilla without it ever since.

All afternoon I sat like a bump on a log and watched the Olympics. Hey, the summer Olympics won't be on again for 4 more years, so I can justify a few days of couch potato-ness. I was productive while I vegged, though. My friends Frank and Tammy recently had a very preemie baby boy. At 3 weeks old and only 2 pounds, I'm pretty sure they're going to have a hard time finding hats and such for him. So I've been crocheting some tiny clothes for baby Sam. The sweater is finished already. Today I made a hat, some booties, and started on a little blanket for him.

Snapper loves to watch me crochet, so today it occurred to me that maybe she's old enough to learn. Whitney now proudly displays her proficient skills at the chain stich, and she is slowly picking up the single crochet stitch. It was challenging to figure out how to teach a 5-year-old something I've never even thought about explaining.

We had tacos for dinner (adding cilantro made them super yummy), and watched more of the Olympics. Now it's 11:30, and I'm officially ready for bed.

I loved this Very Ordinary Day.


Stef said...

your talking about the gym work out made me so anxious to work out again... someday. :) I never jump right back into it after giving birth, I usually wait several months, but it was fun reading about your work out and imagining it all. :)

That is so nice of you to make hats for baby Sam! What a good idea! I bet they'll love it.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
ps. i promise i'll reply to your email :)

My name is Stacie... said...

Sounds heavenly!