Monday, August 18, 2008

And Bites It Hard

Ahhh, what a beautiful feeling are the keys of Deb-Deb's laptop! My keyboard-starved fingers are doing a little dance! Our poor computer has been in the diagnostic process at Best Buy since Thursday, and today we got the dreaded call. When we bought this computer brand new 18 months ago, we didn't know we had purchased a defective model. We replaced the hard drive 5 months ago. This time, not only is the hard drive fried, but the motherboard, too. They were not able to salvage anything off the hard drive. So 'puter has been sent off to the manufacturer. They will attempt repairs, but most likely will give us a new computer! I am thankful, so thankful for that. I am also thankful that I only lost a few pictures. I had backed them all up after Pepper's birthday, but lost my pictures from Camp. The good news there is that I know Stephanie and Sarah have some great pictures, too. The worst part of this whole thing (apart from losing my lesson plans) is that I will be without my computer not for 7-10 days, but for 4-6 weeks. what to do? So if there's silence from me on your blog feed, you know why.

Here's the much better news. We have spoken to 3 mechanics now, and our transmission is not shot! It has a leaky seal, which is relatively inexpensive and easy to repair! Can I get a What-What?!? So now we just have to get it fixed, and I'm back on the road again. The other good part of this, I have saved a lot of money on gas that I didn't use going places I didn't really need to go!

One more funny thing before I sign off. Last night we were all sitting in the living room watching a movie. I looked over and noticed that Snapper was sucking on our cat Zoe's ear. Yes. Sucking ON THE CAT'S EAR. What in the world is wrong with my daughter? I quickly informed her that Zoe licks her butt, then licks her paws, and transfers butt germs to her ears when she cleans her ears. By sucking on the cat's ears, she us sucking on cat butt germs. Snapper, you are putting cat butt in your mouth! Snapper shrieks, "CAT BUTT?" and begins to gag. Pepper--our resident parrot--also shrieks, "CAT BUTT!" Oh my! We now have a new catch phrase in our house. Appropriate and genteel? No. Funny? Most definitely. And loaded with the memory of a good family laugh fest. Did I mention that Deb-Deb had a friend over? It was his first time meeting all of us, Debs included. I wonder, will he ever come back?

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Anonymous said...

Cat Butt! If only I could have been a fly on the wall.

Hopefully you will get a great new computer with no defects! And you won't have to take it in or have anymore problems with it!

:0) gas money saved= yay!