Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Day

Once a year LifeChange gives its staff a treat and sends us to the waterslides for the day. Today was that day! Here are the highlights.

5. Not feeling awful in my bathing suit (I'm 20 pounds lighter than last time I went to Wild River Country!)

4. Free wristbands entitling the wearer to unlimited free sodas, and a delicious barbeque dinner catered by Corky's

3. Spending six, quality hours with Matt, Snapper, and Deb Deb. We swam, went on most of the waterslides in the park, and laughed a lot.

2. Visiting with all my LifeChange friends that I don't see very often.

1. The number one highlight of today was watching Snapper come all by herself down the X-cellerator (steep, fast slide). Her tube hit the whitewater close to the end of the slide and stopped. Snapper, however, kept going. She flew about 8 feet, probably close to 4 feet above the water, and landed upside down with a huge splash. The lifeguard and I both ran for her to make sure she was okay. I expected tears and screaming and adament refusal ever to ride on a waterslide again. Instead, she stood up, shook her head a few times, looked at the lifeguard and me and said in typical, dramatic, Snapper fashion, "Like...WHOA!" And that was the end of it. Could she possibly be outgrowing some of the drama? Ha! I doubt it! =)

Thanks, LifeChange, for a wonderful day!

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