Monday, October 6, 2008

A Wild Week Ahead

I returned late yesterday afternoon after a wonderful weekend at LifeChange's women's retreat. I had a great time with my friends, enjoyed some r&r, but most importantly, I got very real with God and heard from Him very clearly. It wasn't easy or comfortable. But it was good. Maybe some other time I'll feel introspective and write about what God and I talked about. But that's for another day. Today was a prep day for the rest of my unusually busy week. I did some paperwork for LifeChange's Day of Prayer tomorrow. I am in charge of set-up and clean-up for childcare, so I had to get everything in order. We did today's schoolwork this morning, and then I went up to the church to set up for tomorrow. When I came home, Debbie had put Pepper down for his nap. So Snapper and I did tomorrow's schoolwork. Since she'll be in childcare during our meeting tomorrow, we had to get it done today. We made a math game together and had lots of fun playing with it. And I'm please to announce that she has mastered the 23rd English. =) I'm taking a little break right now. Then I need to figure out something for dinner. I forgot a few necessary ingredients on my last shopping trip, so I'm short the fixings for 3 meals. I'll be concocting plan B shortly. And then I have 4 loads of laundry to fold before I leave for Snapper's Scottish Dance class in an hour and a half. When we get home from that, I'll put kiddos to bed and run some more laundry. By then I'm sure I'll be ready to crash, too! Tomorrow is Day of Prayer all day. And tomorrow night I'll be meeting some friends up at LifeChange to make cards. If I don't fit in a little bit of "me" time this week, I won't keep my sanity. Wednesday will be another day of doubling up on schoolwork, since I'll be gone for 3 school days. Then we have church in the evening. Thursday is Bible study, then laundry, and packing for my trip. I leave Friday morning for 5 days in North Carolina with Beverly. I'm still washing my hands like 50 times a day, and praying I don't get sick. If I do get sick, I can't go, because Beverly has a weak immune system right now. I'm picking up some of those blue medical masks to wear on the plane. Gotta take extra precautions. I'll be guzzling that Airborne, too! So that's my week. It's going to be a busy one, so I doubt I'll be posting again until I get back from NC. I might post a video tonight, though. Pepper sings whole songs now, and it's too cute not to share. Also, Snapper's dancing is the most adorable, hilarious thing! I'll try to get those videos up before I leave. TTFN, and I hope you have a fantabulous week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sister!

You are an awesome Mom and more importantly, and AWESOME Wife! I am thankful God spoke SO clearly to you, or more like, you got quiet enough to listen :)
I hope this week brings refreshment even in times of stress!
You are a treasure to know and will bless your new friend SO much when you go to see her in the hospital. How blessed is Bev! :)

I will keep you in my prayers this week! Blessings as your church seeks God's face in these insane dark days.
Much Love and Blessings!!
-Rachel Ruelas