Monday, October 6, 2008

Psalm English!

I forgot the camera when we went to dance class tonight. So here is Snapper's 23rd Psalm instead. The best part is that right when she gets to the valley of the shadow of death part, there was a big clap of thunder. Thunderstorms are Snappers's valley of the shadow of death. I wanted to bust out laughing. Her facial expressions are classic! And you can tell how much Jackson loves thunder, too. =)


Lori said...

Too funny! I like how she's almost gasping for breath between sentences! We all need to be that passionate about memorizing verses!

Ross and Taya said...

That's funny, we were just about to post a video of Isaiah doing Psalm 23 too. Good for her to be memorizing that!

Anonymous said...

That is priceless... what a joy to have a daughter who longs to know those scriptures, even if it is for a patch or prize, she'll always have that in her heart and mind. You are blessed!