Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Many Travels

Well hello there, strangers! That's how I feel. It has been so long since I had the time to sit down and write. There has been much going on and many miles covered. Thanks to those of you who emailed to check on me. Yes, I am fine. All is well now that I'm sleeping in my own bed again.

In the last two weeks Matt and I covered a lot of miles in our trusty, teal minivan. I'll let this photo collage I made give you an idea of how many miles!

Every other year our sending agency holds a staff conference in Colorado. We gathered for 9 days with the many other U.S. staff for a wonderful schedule of speakers, worship, prayer, and seminars on practical topics. Matt and I had many quiet hours together. We took advantage of the kid-free time to re-evaluate where we are as a married couple, as parents, and in our ministry. We did a lot of laughing, plenty of crying, and even more dreaming. We asked God to show up and reveal His plan for our family, and He did just that. I have some exciting things to tell you, but that will have to wait for another week or two. I don't have the time to do justice to what I want to say. Anyway, the conference was absolutely fantastic. We have come home refreshed in every way, and ready to tackle life again. The kids had a great time at home with the friend who stayed with them. They did lots of fun things together, and didn't even want to talk to us on the phone until the last few days of our trip!

Two weeks ago I blogged about all the food we ate along the road, and I promised some pictures. Here are a few.

Chicken fried steak in Oklahoma

Steak in Texas

Waffle...obviously in Texas!

Sushi with friends Gary and Michelle in Colorado

Every Christmas I make a photo calendar for the people who support us. In the past it has all been Arkansas scenery. This year it will include some photos from our travels. Here are a few favorites, a sneak peek for those who will get that calendar!









Well, that pretty much sums it up for now. I leave on Thursday for California. I'm going to spend 6 days there with my sister going through photo albums and scanning pictures of my childhood. I'm looking forward to some time with my dad and step-mom, and my auntie, uncle, and cousins, too! Matt and the kids are staying home this time. I'll try to blog from CA, but I doubt I'll get to it. So until I return, adios!


Lori said...

Great pictures, as always! I love the state collage. Have fun in CA!

Southern Belle said...

The Sushi looked amazing and your photos of nature, especially the ones taken in Arkansas, are beautiful. Have a great time in California!

Tammy Warta said...

i can't wait to hear more! love you!!!

The Yorks said...

You are so talented Em. I look forward to your exciting news; you have me baited! And all that food looks soooo yummy!

Matt said...

Your sushi pics are making me hungry... Good food and good scenic driving- I love my life with you!

Southern Belle said...

Just wanted to let you know you've been tagged. Be sure to stop by my blog! = )