Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raging Chaos

In the next 21 days, I get to:

1. Work with God and my hubby to identify $1300 of new monthly support for our ministry, plus $6000 to cover move and start-up expenses. These are completely God-sized goals, by the way. Daunting. I am really curious to see how He does it.

2. Try to keep life in some sort of routine for my 2 kiddos. This involves taking Pepper to play with friends, taking Snapper to her swim practices and swim meets, spending intentional time with each child every day, and keeping them on a regular eating and sleeping schedule. Oh, and feeding them decent meals. And feeding their daddy decent meals, too.

3. Keep my house clean with 2 young children and a husband at home all the time, while trying to pack. Why is this necessary, you may ask? Because if I don't have order in this part of my life I will go M-A-D. Period.

4. Organize everything necessary to fit in one minivan for a month-long road trip covering 14 states and about 7000 miles.

5. Pack everything that is not going on the road trip into boxes to go into storage until August. Everything in my house. While trying to keep trip stuff separated. I tackled Snapper's room today and conquered.

6. Figure out where my sweet kitties are going to stay in the month between moving out of our Little Rock house and moving into our Orlando house.

7. What Orlando house? The one I am going to Orlando to buy one week from tomorrow. Well, I'm hoping to buy, anyway. We have two homes on our radar right now. I am holding my breath and praying they will still be available in 8 days. I am flying down there all by myself from the 16th-19th.

8. Get ready for our church's Vacation Bible School. I am in charge of organizing registration, dividing kids into small groups, and making nametags. Not so bad.

9. Load the moving truck when it arrives on the 26th and unload everything into storage.

10. Clean the house for the new owners. Oh, and make sure the repairs they want done get completed.

11. Say goodbye to the people I love here. This part sucks.

12. Clean and pack the van. Leave on June 30th.

Okay, I am tired now. I think I'll go to bed. Maybe the list will look smaller in the morning. But before I go, I gotta write down what Pepper said yesterday and today so I don't forget.

Snapper went to a karate birthday party on Saturday. When she got home, she was showing Pepper the moves she learned, and in her enthusiasm, she overshot a punch. Ended up slicing his forehead with her thumbnail. Of course, he got very mad and slugged her. About an hour later, Matt came upstairs and saw the red line from Pepper's hairline to the bridge of his nose. He took Pepper to look in the mirror.

Matt: "Buddy, what is that red line?"
Pepper: "That's my brain, Dad."
Matt: "No, what is this red line?"
Pepper: "I told you Dad, it's my brain!"

Then this morning, Pepper came into my room to kiss me when he first woke up. There was something dark red and sticky on his cheek. 

Me: "Good morning, Bud! What did you get into? There's something on your face."
Pepper: "Silly Mommy, that's my skin!"

He is so cute! And obviously confused about his facial anatomy!


ErinL said...

Oh Emily I'm tired just reading that! You could ditch the whole moving idea and come to Europe with me....or I'll pray for you...either way works fine :).

RachelRuelas said...

lol. Man emily, you've a LOT going on!!! I'll be praying for you!!!! It's ALL so exciting, except the saying goodbye part, i know that will be heart breaking. But God will provide the friends you need in FL! I know it!!! He's done that for me here in Fresno!

Southern Belle said...

And I thought my life was complicated. ; ) You are sure to have an amazing fun-filled summer! Continued prayers that everything goes as planned for you all.


Stef said...

I'm tired reading that too! My goodness.... at least I know how to pray for you now! :)

Kristin said...

your'e a busy, busy gal. I'mm be praying for peace and oder for you! :)