Monday, January 25, 2010

What's in A Name?

When Matt and I were choosing names for our children, we ran into an interesting dilemma. Many of the names we liked were instantly ruled out because one of us had a strong, negative association with the name. All it takes is one contrary person to forever ruin a name. For example, I have always loved the name Sara, but Matt had a bad childhood experience with a girl named Sara, so that name was out of the question. There are several names that were ruined for us by former students, too. Don't get me wrong--I loved each precious student. But there were a few whom God used to build character in my life. I'd rather not tempt fate by giving one of their names to my own child...ya know?

I have also noticed that certain names tend to project a certain image expectation on a person. I could never name my child Edna, Agnes, Marvin, or Harold because they sound old and frumpy to me. Kelly, Hillary, Jake, and Alex make me think sporty. Annie, Amy, Patrick, and Devon sound cheerful. Alyssa, Lauren, Tyler, and Nick make me think popular and trendy. You get the idea.


I am going to tell you 4 names. What sort of association do these names bring to your mind?

Love Bug

If I were on the blog reader side of this post, my first thought would be spoiled Persian cats, or fluffy, girly stuffed animals, or cute nicknames a daddy might have for his 4 little girls.

So why does this matter anyway?
Let me introduce you to 4 very important members of Pepper's family. He named them all by himself!

Princess (the big one), Precious (the yellow one), Baby (the brown and blue one), and Love Bug (the purple one).

Every time I look at this picture, I laugh until I can't breathe! Kids are SO cool!


Stef said...

Hahahaha!!! this cracked me up on Facebook and seeing the picture is REALLY making me laugh!
Too funny. I love whenever we get stuffed animals, Ethan wants to name them Star Wars names and Rachel always resorts to "fluffy" :)

I'm glad you don't hate the name Jake - we'll probably use it someday :)

Tammy Warta said...

Oh i LOVE your kid.

Southern Belle said...

LOL. Too cute!

RachelRuelas said...


E. Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness! I came across your blog and started reading, and this just cracks me up! Thank you for sharing this cute story! :)