Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 12 of 2009: Family Edition

I had a wonderful time with my favorite kiddos pictures post! Now here are my favorite daily life photos of 2009. They are a sampling of pictures I love because of the photography, and pictures that are dear to me because of the memories they capture.

1. This is the family photo that went in our Christmas card this year. I chose one of my favorite places in Arkansas for the setting. This park has a lake and a gazebo, and some very obliging swans that love to swim over and pose for the pictures. It is my favorite location for photo shoots. Since it's our last Christmas photo in Arkansas, we did this one right, and I love it!

2. In the beginning of 2009 we went to California. While we were there we spent an afternoon at Seabright Beach. This is the beach I grew up playing at. As a child we went there with a group of friends at least once a week in the summer, and frequently during the winter to see the huge waves produced by Pacific storms. When I started driving, it was my favorite spot to go to think. When I was in college I would often take my lunch and my Bible down to this beach. I have laughed here, cried here, and made some very important decisions here. The beach ends at the harbor, and a fabulous jetty with a lighthouse separates the beach from the harbor. I have spent countless hours at the beach and on the jetty. These 2 photos are super special to me because they are snapshots of the 3 people I love the most in a place that holds so many lifelong memories for me. Priceless!

3. As a baby Pepper was very attached to me. I think Matt felt a bit rejected by his son. This year all that has changed, and now Pepper is a Daddy's boy all the way. This sweet photo warms my heart because it shows the bond between my husband and our son.

4. This is the perfect camping memories photo! It was the hottest weekend of the entire year, and we spent it camping with friends. Due to the extreme heat, most of our weekend happened in the comfort of the cool lake water. Sweet times together.

5. The core of our ministry is the Weekend to Remember marriage conferences our organization puts on. Matt frequently travels to work at these conferences. It is always special for me and more fun for him when I get to travel with him and work alongside him. This photo was taken at the Phoenix conference in June. I chose this photo because it shows us working as a team doing something we are passionate about.

6. Favorite nature photo of spring/summer. It was taken in my neighbor's front yard, and I'm still in love with it!

7. This is my Granny. I spent half a day with her when I went to California by myself in August. Granny is 92 and is my last surviving grandparent. Granny is responsible for connecting my parents with the doctor who was looking for an adoptive family for me!  I am extra special to her, and we have always been very close. I chose this photo as a favorite because Granny has Parkinson's and she is aging rapidly. I don't know how many more photos like this I will get to have. It is a definite treasure.

8. Ah, sweet August day, the first day both of my children went to school. This photo made the cut because it captures a milestone for our family...and because the kids are just so darn cute.

9. This is my favorite photo of me because it was taken at the NASCAR race we went to for my 30th birthday in September. I LOVE NASCAR and I am a HUGE Jimmie Johnson fan, so this was the perfect birthday present for me. This photo was taken in front of his hauler. Eeeek! Love it!

10. Favorite nature photo of fall/winter, taken right in my own back yard! I don't think they have cardinals in Florida. *sniff*

11. This is my man. Matt and I celebrated 8 years of marriage in June. I love him more every day, and I am SO thankful God saw fit to give him to me. Yup, he's mine and I am c-r-a-z-y about him!

12. Need I even comment on this one? Surely you'll understand why this is my very favorite photo of the entire year! Then again, not everybody is artsy-fartsy like me. This is my favorite because it is not your typical family picture. It is artsy-fartsy, and it is fun. And I don't have any other picture like this one. Love it!

That wraps up my Top 12 of 2009! I look forward to coming back next year and reviewing it. I'm sure I'll marvel at how we've all changed in a year. Coolness!

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Lori said...

Great pictures, Emily! I especially like the one of the 3 of them on the beach. :)