Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Beautiful Children: Best of '09

Last year I did a wonderful photo post, a review of 2008 in photos. Actually, it was my top 12 photos of 2008. I had forgotten about it until I went back and did my Blog Recap post a few days ago. I had such fun looking back through the highlights pictures of 2008 that I had to do it again for 2009. However, when I went back through my files today, I found way too many pictures for one post. So, I've decided to break them into two posts: one of my favorites of the kiddos, and one of daily life favorites. This post is the kiddo post. I am really excited to put up these pictures, because my kids have been my (mostly) cooperative and patient practice models for my photography, and I am thrilled with the results. So without further ado, here are my Top 6 Photos of Snapper, Top 6 Photos of Pepper, and #1 Favorite of them together.


6-turned-7 in 2009
Frustrated 1st grader
Enthusiastic 2nd grader
Energetic and talkative
Avid reader, developing writer, math whiz
Playful and oh, so ticklish
Compassionate and kind
Not so great at listening
Budding swimming superstar (at least, she's a superstar to us!)
Bossy big sister
Attentive and concerned big sister
Welcoming and friendly
Growing daily in her love for Jesus, and desiring to dedicate her life to serving Him
Our precious girl


2-turned 3 in 2009
Homebody cuddlebug
Contented preschooler
Curious and mischievous
Spiderman wannabe and Buzz Lightyear fan
Imaginative and focused
Family-oriented and shy
Not so good at first-time obedience
Attentive to detail and very particular
Pesky little brother
Adoring little brother
Generous and loving
Methodical and persistent
Increasingly interested in Jesus and the Bible
Our priceless delight

Snapper and Pepper are our gifts from the Lord. Every day I cherish and adore these amazing, wonderful children.


Stef said...

I LOVE this post, Em. What a great idea! You and Matt have made two beautiful kids and I'm praying God blesses you with more, this year!

Tara said...

Bea-u-ti-ful pictures! Really wish you lived closer to me. Even Orlando isn't close enough:)