Saturday, January 16, 2010

On The Road Again

Tomorrow Matt and I are driving to Orlando for 5 days with our new team. Our trip will include staying with our new managers, a neighborhood drive-around with a realtor, a tour of our ministry's headquarters, a meeting with HR to work on transfer requirements, and time meeting with the new team. We are very excited!

Here's the kink in our plans. Snapper was up all night last night throwing up. And she has thrown up even more today. The doc says it is a 24-hour stomach virus, and I am praying he is right. Pepper has a nasty chest cold, but he is better today. My MIL is here, and having raised 8 kids, she doesn't mind that the kids are sick. I am so thankful for that! Please pray that Pepper would avoid the bug. Even more importantly, pray that Matt and I would stay healthy. We're doing everything we can to avoid getting sick, but only time will tell.

Christine, I went to the chiropractor earlier this week and had her check my foot. It turns out my second toe was dislocated. She put it back in place, and my foot is dramatically better. I still have the hematoma on the tendon, but that is improving too. Thanks for asking!

While we're on the road, I doubt I'll have time to blog. So until Friday, adios, friends. I covet your prayers.


Jenny said...

Hi. Just going through old comments and thought I'd say howdy :D

Stef said...

Oh, I hope you have a wonderful trip! I'm praying your kids get well by tomorrow morning

Southern Belle said...

Praying for safe travels for you both and that Pepper and Snapper feel better soon. Good to hear your foot is healing and even better that the Chiropractor was able to help too. Take care. = )