Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Table Topics

I had a great day today! I spent the morning at LifeChange with Matt, getting our Christmas cards made. For lunch we enjoyed pizza as a family. Then I dropped Matt back at the office, and ran a few errands. I picked up a set of photography light reflectors and a piece of black velvet. I'm wanting to expand my photography to indoors, and learn the tricks of dealing with poor lighting. Pepper took a nap while Snapper and I played with the reflectors. I got some fantastic pics of her, and I wasn't even trying for them! I just wanted to test the light. I picked Matt up from work, came home, and made a wonderful spaghetti dinner. And then came one of my favorite times of the day: family dinner time! I love sitting down to a home-cooked meal and sharing sweet conversations with my husband and kids. It has been fun to hear these conversations deepen as Snapper has gotten older. We often discuss some deep things around the dinner table! Tonight, however, the conversation headed down a totally different trail. It was so random, and so funny, that I had to run upstairs and record it as soon as I was done with dinner! As you read, picture us:

Pepper, clueless, content and spaghetti-sauced-stained in his high chair at one end of the table.
Me at the other end of the table, desperately trying to play along and keep a straight face.
Snapper: To my left, totally serious in trying to carry on a grown-up conversation with her daddy.
Matt: The top tease in our family, seated across from Snapper, flawlessly executing his prank, his face the perfect study of seriousness.
Got the picture? Good! Now to this "deep" conversation....

Snapper: Mommy, I want one of those bunny things for dessert. You know, the bunny ice cream popsicle things the ice cream man has.

Emily: You mean Blue Bunny Fudge Bars? We can get some of those the next time we go grocery shopping. They're not that bad for you, and tasty, too!

Matt: A blue bunny in a bar would be very bad for you.

S: Why?

M: Because a blue bunny in a bar can't hold his liqour.

S: A blue bunny in a barb can't hold a bicker?

M: That's right!

S: Oh...

M: But a blue bunny in a barn would be just fine. A blue bunny in a barn is friendly.

S: What did you say before the barn?

M: A blue bunny in a bar can't hold his liquor.

S: Can't hold his liquor?

M: That's right.

S: What's liquor?

M: Yup. That would be bad. But you know what be even worse than that?

S: No, what?

M: A blue bunny in a bra! That would be bad!

S: What's a bra?

M: It's an article of clothing.

S: (blank look)

M: You know, like the top piece of a two-piece bathing suit.

E: (shows Snapper bra strap) This is a bra. If you were wearing a bra, would you want a blue bunny in it?

M: It would be like having a bee in your bonnet!

S: No way! I wouldn't want a bunny in my bra or a bee in my bra!

E: Why not?

S: The bunny would run around and scratch you or bite you really hard, and a bee would sting you and bite you, too!

M: There would be plenty of room for a blue bunny in my bra!

S: But he would still bite you and scratch you!

M: You know why a blue bunny is blue, don't you?

S: No, whay?

M: He is blue because he is cold.

E: (focuses very hard on eating salad, not making eye contact with Daddy, trying so hard not to laugh)

M: I have to work really hard to embarrass my family in public, but it's even harder to embarrass them at home!

S: I'm not embarrassed!

E: I'm not embarrassed either, just trying not to laugh.

S: I don't want a blue bunny in my bra. I just want a Blue Bunny Fudge Bar!

Here are a few pictures from my indoor shoot with Snapper today.


Stef said...

You guys crack me up! Now I see why we all got along so well when you were here.
I like that Whitney was trying so hard to follow along. :)

Nice pics Em!

Smarshie said...

best dinner conversation I've ever heard =)

P.S. great pictures, Emily!