Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thoughts About Meat

Bubbles is 9 years old. Before she came into foster care at age 6 1/2, the only meat she had ever been exposed to was pink goo burgers and "chicken" nuggets from McD0nalds. She was exposed to all kinds of different foods in her foster home, but she always had a difficult time with meat. We are pretty relaxed about food here in our home, mainly because we don't want to create food issues for these kids who already struggle with food on so many levels. We ask that they try three bites of everything on their plates. That is all we require.

Can I just take a second to say what huge issues food deprivation creates? It has taken us 18 months to overcome the gorging problems the girls had. They have finally learned to listen to their bodies, and have learned when they feel full. They have learned that they can stop eating when they feel full, knowing that there will always be food at the next meal. And they've learned that when they feel worried about food, all they have to do is tell me and I'll give them a snack.

Anyhoo, learning about different kinds of food has been a big deal for all three of the girls. They didn't have a clue that veggies and fruits grew on plants. Even going strawberry picking didn't make it sink in that a strawberry grew on a plant. They think that milk is made in a factory. I have been asked how they put the shell on the egg without breaking the yolk. And meat? That's where it gets really funny.

Even though Bubbles is 9, she hasn't made the connection that:

  • Turkey comes from a turkey
  • Chicken comes from a chicken
  • Fish comes from a fish
We can understand why she might not know that:
  • Beef comes from a cow
  • Pork comes from a pig
  • Bacon and sausage are usually pork
  • Steak is usually beef
But really...chicken? And turkey?

Today she declined potatoes at dinner because "I'm not in the mood to eat meat today."

Because a potato once had legs and a beating heart, apparently. Oooh...I know! I'll write a new smash hit pop song and call it "What Does The Potato Say?"

And last night we were out at a Christmas festival where smoked turkey legs were on the menu. Bubbles declined, saying, "Are turkey legs made out of steak? Because if they are, I don't want one!"

I think that possibly a trip to a farm is in order. 

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