Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snapper's Speech

Snapper gave her "Adoption Christmas" speech in class yesterday. The first thing she said to me when she got in the car at pick-up time was, "I just love public speaking!"

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! She definitely got that from her Daddy and not from me. Because of my years of public speaking in 4-H, I'm a decent public speaker. But I loathe it. My hubby not only is great at it, but he loves it, too. Snapper gets that from him.

She blew her speech out of the water. She tells me that her English teacher was completely in tears, to the point of having to get a tissue to wipe off her running mascara and blow her nose. Several of the kids in the class were moved to tears, too. One of the tougher boys was crying and Snapper teased him about it. His joking reply was, "I can't help it if you made my eyes sweat!"

The general buzz is that Snapper will be one of the three in her class who will advance to the next level of competition. She is delighted and very excited, and is already planning ways she can tighten up her speech and add more expression and emotion to it.

This little project of hers has birthed a new prayer in my heart. She is such a passionate child, so full of love, conviction, and wisdom. Take this unique personality and mix it with a cause, and she will be dynamite. Her heart for adoption is incredible. As an adoptive big sister to older, special needs kids, she has strong ground to stand on an experiences to share. My prayer is that God would give her a platform so she can use her passion to help others. This is a good start!

She'll find out tomorrow if she advances to the next level.

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Rachel McDonald said...

I can't wait to hear if she moves up!!!! I am so thankful for your stories Emily. You have a gift. As for your beautiful girl, I am so happy. God is getting such Glory though your children. This is the way its supposed to be! He's using your child. Its beautiful.