Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Adoption Christmas

Our Adoption Christmas
a speech for 6th grade Honors English
by Snapper B, age 11

Every Christmas morning I wake with a yawn and a good, long stretch. And then I realize it's Christmas morning! I walk down the hall.
  • Presents packed under the tree
  • Stockings bulging with treats
  • Lights glowing with Christmas spirit
  • A tree sparkling with family memories
  • Cinnamon rolls in the oven, baking away
  • Joyous laughter and loving conversation
  • Celebrating the birth of Jesus
Christmas morning is a time of love, celebration, and remembering Jesus. This is my Christmas!

Now, imagine waking up on the cold, hard floor. Your back aches and you stiffly stretch. You realize it is Christmas morning. You walk down the hall.
  • No stockings hanging anywhere
  • No gifts under the tree, only broken promises
  • Wait...there isn't even a tree
  • No lights
  • No comforting smells
  • Possibly no breakfast at all
  • No laughter or love
  • No Jesus
Christmas is like any other day, full of fear, defensiveness, and despair. Christmas morning is a time of broken hearts. This was Christmas for my little sisters for the first several years of their lives.

And then God rescued them. He sent them to live with a loving foster family. The judge saw that their parents would never become safe parents. The girls became legal orphans. And then God introduced our family to those little girls. He said, "You are a match made in Heaven!" Our family adopted those girls in January, and now they are my sisters. Our family is a miracle.

On Christmas morning my sisters and I will wake up in our warm, comfy beds. We will yawn and have a good stretch. We might break a rule and sprint down the hall together. My Christmas is now their Christmas. The love of my family is now theirs. Jesus, my Savior, has saved them, too! This Christmas will be more full of love and joy than any other Christmas any of us have ever experienced! This is our adoption Christmas!


Amy S said...

You must be incredibly proud of her. : )

Amy S said...
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Amy S said...

You must be so proud of her!