Monday, December 30, 2013

Props and Punks

Props to Snapper for making Superintendent's Honor Roll for the 2nd quarter. This means all A's, with her only "low" grade being in Computer (a 92 average). Does anyone else think it's weird that 25% of the grade was based on typing speed? Snapper has never really done any typing. In elementary, all her work had to be hand-written. The kids who have been at this school all the way through have done keyboarding since the lower grades. Tough challenge for Snapper to overcome. She was much happier to get A+ in History, Honors English, and Bible. She just barely missed an A+ in Honors Math, too.

Punk is Sunny, who decided it would  be a good idea to steal Piper's new Wedding Ken doll out of Piper's room and style his hair...WITH SPIT.

Props to Pepper for mastering two challenging bracelet patterns on his new Rainb0w L0om.

Punk is Sunny, who broke the head off Snapper's new Barbie this morning.

Props to Piper for keeping her bedroom in apple pie order since Christmas!

Punk is Sunny, who decided to use her new Rainb0w L0om as a step stool to get into Bubbles' Barbies. Fortunately, the l0om broke in half before she could get into the Barbie box. Epic fail.

Props to Snapper for learning one of the songs from Frozen, and singing it beautifully.

Punk is Sunny, who decided day before yesterday that it would be a good idea to get into Pepper's toolbox and use his power drill to drill holes in our nice book case.

I think we'll rename Sunny...CAPTAIN DESTRUCTO. That's what I should have titled this post...CAPTAIN DESTRUCTO STRIKES AGAIN...AND AGAIN...AND AGAIN.

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