Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Long, 2013!

Holy smokes, what a roller coaster of a year! The highs were really high and the lows were massively low. But who likes to end a year focusing on the lows? Without further ado--and in no particular order--here are my Top 10 high points of 2013.

1. Finalizing the adoption of our three girls in January. The court date didn't really change anything, but it sure was nice to have the paperwork in hand and to no longer have to report to DCF every month.

2. A long road trip over the summer to spend time with family and a few close friends, and to introduce the girls to everyone. TONS of memories made.

3. Snapper's 5th grade graduation and a more than successful transition into middle school.

4. The birth of my nephew Lucas (April) and niece Hazel (June)!

5. Seeing God miraculously provide for our family on many occasions.

6. Getting to go to the Daytona 500, meet my favorite NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson, and watch him win the race!

7. Two of my three girls released from therapy because they no longer needed it!

8. Snapper's regional swimming championship in August--1st place overall 10 & Under girl (out of approximately 125 girls...not too shabby)!

9. Watching my husband relax and have an easier time with life as he participates in two cool activities--karate and community theater

10. Hands-down, the best moment was 2013 was finding out about the impending arrival of another daughter, this time a homegrown kiddo! After many years of infertility, this surprise is also a tremendous blessing.

Farewell, 2013. I am not sad to see you go. I wonder what 2014 will hold.

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rachel simmons said...

Community theater! How fantastic! What's he working on?