Friday, November 30, 2012

In The Hundreds Now

101. The funny things my kids say
102. Cheeseburger soup leftovers that made awesome lunches for three days
103. This wonderful baby girl kitty, Pixie, who brings so much joy to my life

104. A fun afternoon making 30 Christmas ornaments for my nieces, nephews, and the other special kiddos in my life
105. The AMAZING NEWS that my mother-in-law is going to fly out from Washington to go to court with us when we finalize our adoption!!!
106. Photo calendars by Shutterfly
107. My pillow. It makes every night better.
108. That Sunny's injuries were very minor after she decided to put my razor in her mouth like a lollipop...(why in the world would anybody do that?)
109. Hearing from a long-time ministry partner of our, with her request to get together with us when they come to Florida in January!
110. The first genuine apology and tears of remorse that we've ever had from Sunny!!! (This one is so huge it should count for three things I'm thankful for!!!)

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