Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God Provides

91. A check in the mail from a foundation in Washington. They specifically asked that we use the generous sum to buy Christmas gift for the kids.
92. A second check from the same foundation, designated for adoption expenses. How appropriate, with our finalization trip coming up!
93. An email from our old landlord in California, asking if our girls would like handmade sweaters for American Girl dolls as a Christmas gift. How perfect, since Piper and Bubbles are getting American Girl dolls for Christmas!
94. Three large boxes of high quality, gently used clothing for the kids--from three different people
95. A $1500 check for our ministry from a couple we met once a long time ago and haven't heard from in three years!
96. An email from our adoption specialist in Arkansas informing us that she thinks she can get the state to pay our airfare so we don't have to drive up for the finalization!
97. The possibility of a quick trip to Washington DC to visit Matt's grandpa who is going there for 3 weeks at Christmastime
98. Pepper's teacher who knows exactly how to meet his need for intellectual challenge
99. $50 worth of Nintendo DS games on sale for $22
100. Peppermint ice cream!!!

And for good measure, A REALLY AWESOME RECIPE for Cheeseburger Soup. I found the recipe on Pinterest. It sounded awesome so I gave it a try. It was awesome! All five of my kids devoured it. Three had seconds; two had thirds! Do you know how rare it is to find a meal that our whole family really likes?

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