Friday, November 23, 2012

Cute Kids

This morning Sunny came to my bedroom door and shouted that Pepper is copying her.
Pepper's reply: "Of course I am! I'm pretending to be a copycat!"

One of Piper's chores today is cleaning the toilets. When I told her, she started clapping her hands and jumping up and down, saying, "Oh goodie! Cleaning toilets is my favorite chore because it is so much fun!"

Piper is still getting used to the wildlife here in Florida. The other day we were driving along and she saw a Sandhill Crane. Those beautiful birds stand about 4 feet tall. They are gray with long, sharp bills and red throats. Piper saw one and said, "WOW!!! That's the biggest woodpecker I've ever seen!!!"

61. Our friends Curt and Tracie, faithful and wonderful. We got to spend Thanksgiving with them.
62. A turkey soaked for 12 hours in brine. YUM!
63. Eggnog cream pie with gluten free crust
64. Black Friday bargains! I got Snapper's big gift--black leather boots--for $9. The regular price was $54.99!
65. Jennifer Paige's new Christmas album, Holiday. Sweet and beautiful, and the perfect way to kick off the season.
66. Children who do a good job on chores
67. My new velour pants, another Black Friday bargain
68. A whole month of celebrating the birth of Jesus
69. A beautiful family Christmas photo
70. Two of my three new daughters telling me yesterday that they are more thankful for Daddy and me than they have ever been for anything else in their lives.

Life is definitely sweet right now.

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angela ford said...

Thank you for the kind comment this morning. Such a balm to hear from someone who knows and understands what I am talking about and can relate. Sounds like we have some similar little characters to love and work with. I appreciate your insight very much. I believe your experience is very helpful . . . We'll keep trucking on.