Friday, November 9, 2012

Fellowship of Frazzled Moms

Yesterday I picked up Sunny from her Pre-K. The lobby of the church was filled with other mom who were there to pick up their kids. Many of them carried babies or pushed toddlers in strollers. Some--obviously home schoolers, due to the ages of the kids and the time of day--had their older kids with them. As I stood and waited for class to get out, I looked at the other moms. I began to notice some funny things. I quickly determined that being a mom to young kids earns you membership in the Fellowship of Frazzled Moms.

  • The mom with the baby on her hip and toddler in hand....she was wearing one pink shoe and one orange shoe. The shades of pink and orange were close enough that it was not a difficult mistake for her to make. But she was obviously wearing unmatched shoes.
  • The mom who came in with her baby in a jogging stroller...she was sweaty. Really sweaty. She was obviously wearing thong underwear. It was obvious because of the sweat outline against her light gray bike shorts.
  • The mom who was talking a mile a minute on her phone...she had a pair of sunglasses on her eyes and a pair of sunglasses on her head.
  • The grandma who emerged from the restroom pushing a toddler in a stroller...she must not be used to having a toddler in the restroom with her. She must have hurried in the restroom because her skirt was tucked into the back of her pantyhose. Yes, I told her. Yes, the thanked me. Profusely.
  • The mom with the three school-aged kids...her homeschooling was interrupted at Pre-K pick-up time and she rushed her kids out the door to get the Pre-K child. I know this because she was wearing leopard print pumps with her gray sweatpants and red t-shirt. And she had a pencil stuck in her ponytail. And all three of her big kids were reading books as they walked in.
  • The mom with the crying toddler...I think she was going somewhere important because she was dressed up in dress slacks and a fancy, sheer blouse. Either she has no sense of propriety, or she was having a forgetful day, because she was not wearing a cami under the blouse. It was completely see-through in the back and on the sides. I could read the tattoo on her shoulder, and clearly see how her bra fit. No, I did not tell her.
  • The dad with the two toddlers...he noticed that the lady forgot her cami, too. I *almost* went over to stomp on his foot
  • The mom with the baby in the infant carrier...she was definitely having a frazzled day. She was frantically digging through her purse, looking for her keys. After watching her for a few seconds, I realized that her keys were in her hand that was holding the purse. Yes, I told her. Yes, she thanked me...but she was really embarrassed. I told her not to be embarrassed, that all of us have days like that. We all know how it feels to be frazzled.
As if to prove my point, when Sunny and I walked back out to the car, I realized that I had left my car door wide open...


noelmarie said...

I love how you brought it all to a close...I sure got a good laugh about your mistake :) love you!

Kit said...

Oh this made me laugh out loud. And make me realize how great it is to have grown children...LOL Kit

Rachel McDonald said...

Hahaha I love this. I cannot wait to experience it!

angela ford said...

Oh my! Maybe I should be done with having little foster kids! Lol. That's just too funny, but I think I don't want to be that frazzled!

Lauren said...

Love this! People-watching is a great sport, and you had a lot to look at that day! Some days I think I unconsciously decide not to look at people too closely, because I sure don't want them to be studying me! (Not that it makes a difference, but still!) :)