Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do You Like THESE Towels?

I recall a childhood Christmas--I believe it was the year I was 5 or 6--when we bought my mom dish towels for Christmas. My dad bundled up my sister and me, loaded us into our Oldsmobile, and we headed out to Macy's to shop for Mommy. She got quite a haul that Christmas! There was the puffy gray coat, a bottle of Lauren by Ralph Lauren perfume, a handsome set of kitchen knives, and a stack of dish towels. I still remember the dish towels with the matching hot pads. They were a cream color with forest green accents. Some of the towels had chickens printed on them, as did the hot pads. Anyone who remembers my mom will probably remember how much she loved chickens.

My 6-year-old self stood in front of the towels and thought, "What a dumb, boring present! When I grow up, I'm going to ask for exciting things for Christmas. I will never want dumb, boring dish towels!" Despite my thoughts, the dish towels went home with us, and were placed under the tree as a gift from my sister to my mom. The knives were designated as my gift to Mommy.

A few days later (or so I'm reminded by my family every Christmas), my mom took Jenny and me shopping for my dad, also at Macy's. On our trip around the store, I showed her a puffy gray coat. "Hey Mommy, how do you like THIS coat?" And then some knives..."How do you like THESE knives, Mommy?" And perfume..."Smell THIS perfume, Mommy! Isn't it pretty?" And of course, towels..."Do you like THESE towels, Mommy? I think they'd look great in our kitchen!" On Christmas morning, my mom pretended to be surprised. Then she told the whole family about my antics. And I've never been allowed to forget it.

This Christmas I received a nice chunk of Christmas money to spend on myself. A portion of it will be used on a laser hair removal package I got on Groupon. So much vanity, I know! But when I was pregnant with Pepper, I think he leaked testosterone I started sprouting a regular beard; unfortunately, it never went away. Time to do something about that! After I paid Groupon, I still had about $20 left. Guess what I did with it?

Remember those dumb, boring towels we bought for my mom? I went out and spent the rest of my money on dumb, boring towels--with matching hot pads--for my kitchen. And you know what? I did a happy dance in the aisle at Target when I found them! Some are dark red (my favorite color), and some are red and white checked. They look lovely hanging in my kitchen, and I was very glad to finally be able to throw out the nasty, old towels and hot pads we have been using since we got married 10 1/2 years ago!

So I guess I've grown up, huh? Dish towels and hot pads are an exciting present. Yup, I think I've grown up. I do love THESE towels!

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