Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I like my dentist, which is a very good thing, because he rarely has good news for me. Last March I had to get a root canal. It ate my entire chunk of insurance money for the year, and I couldn't afford more dental work during the rest of the year. I went back today with a fresh $1000 of insurance money to use on my teeth. I had two large fillings done (yuck) and a fat load of x-rays. I walked out of the office 90 minutes later and $186 poorer. But it doesn't get end there. In the next 6 weeks I get to pay:

3 fillings+1 crown+1 root canal= $1500 that insurance doesn't cover.
Oh, and because I apparently have "genetically compromised" teeth, I have to get cleanings every 4 months instead of every 6 months. Does my insurance cover that third cleaning? Of course not!



Okay God. The ball is in your court because I don't have $1500! This can't wait because the 3 teeth needed fillings are all in danger of needing root canals in the next few months if we don't fill them now.

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Southern Belle said...

Your teeth and mine have a lot in common. = (