Friday, December 12, 2008

What Can I Say?

Talked to Beverly's aunt this morning. Bev's not doing well. She has had unexplained high fevers for the last few days. Yesterday they switched her to a new antibiotic in hopes that it would take care of whatever is causing the fevers. Nope. Bev had a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Now it is the next day. She pulled through the night, but things are looking grim today. She is still swollen huge, is retaining fluid, can't talk, has low blood pressure, and still has a fever...104.1 at last update.

The doctors are running all sorts of tests trying to find out the source of the fevers. A chest x-ray shows some abnormalities, so they're putting a scop down into her lungs this afternoon to check.

Add to all this that her blood counts are not coming up, which means the new bone marrow cells have not engrafted yet. Anyways, it's not looking good at all right now, and she needs a miracle to survive this. She would be okay with saying goodbye and going home to Jesus. I'm okay with that too...except for two things: Christian and Dante. Those little boys need their mommy. Their situation is so unique--it will be close to impossible without Bev to hold it all together.

So my prayers are that God would work a miracle and bring Bev through this, for the sake of the boys. If He should choose to do otherwise, I will still praise Him and trust that He knows what is best. But wow, what a much rougher road it will be.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed faithfully for my sweet friend. I covet your prayers for her more than ever before.

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RachelRuelas said...

my heart goes out, I feel such sadness and greif, but you're right. God knows what's best. I will be praying the Lord's best for her!