Sunday, December 21, 2008

Give A Little

As I look around my home, which is all decked out for my favorite time of year, I am reminded of how much God has given me, and how much I have to be thankful for. We had a chance today to share the Lord's generosity and give a little bit away. I splurged on the grocery budget and bought enough cookie making supplies to last me a long time. And I baked...for 3 days. I have only eaten 4 cookies of the 36 dozen (that's 432 cookies) I have made. About 6 dozen of them are in my freezer to feed family and friends over the next week. A large plate of them is by the front door, waiting to go to the office with Matt tomorrow (Tim Bell, those are for you!). The rest were divided into 18 plates, gift wrapped, tagged, and delivered to all the neighbors on the cul-de-sac today. We bundled up because it was 26 degrees out, with a windchill reading of 19...brrr! We loaded the gifts into Pepper's wagon, and spent the next 45 minutes going door to door delivering the cookies. Snapper and Pepper were so cute, ringing the doorbells, handing out gifts, and wishing our neighbors Merry Christmas. They wanted to make conversation with people, and were sweet little visitors. It was a lot of work...A LOT of work. But I think it was worth it. It is such fun to give!

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Stef said...

That was SO nice of you guys, Em! We did that last year and it was fun just to see everyone's excitement. Especially neighbors we hadn't met yet. :)
Merry Christmas to your family, from ours!