Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Kind of Day!

I woke up this morning all cuddled up next to my hubby. Apparently it was cold last night, because I tend to be a loner in bed. We enjoyed just being there together, listening to Snapper and Pepper giggling in Snapper's bed and talking about the coming week. At 9:00 we got everyone up and dressed and headed out around 9:30. After we dropped Deb-Deb off at work, we enjoyed breakfast at the Old Mill Bread Company. Yummy! Then we headed down to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for a few hours. Hot Springs is a wonderful, historic, old town about an hour away from our house. It used to be a resort town, centered around the natural hot springs that bubble up under the city. There's a fantastic museum, lots of fun little shops, and great restaurants. At this time of year it is all decked out for Christmas. We drove around a lot, and then found a little hole-in-the-wall place to eat lunch. It is called Mollie's. And for you Arkansans, it is located on West Grand Avenue in Hot Springs. Oh. My. Gosh! Talk about awesome food! Matt had a reuben sandwich that was thick, juicy, and perfect. I had an open faced hot roast beef sandwish with mashed potatoes (it was a hot sandwich kind of day here). The kids shared an enormous, hand-pattied burger that was of high quality beef. It was SO GOOD! Good enough to drive down to Hot Springs for again. After lunch, we took the scenic route home. Arkansas is such a beautiful state, even in the barrenness of winter. We really want to move out of the city and out into the country before too long.

When we got home, Pepper went down for a late nap, and Snapper and I grappled with her loose tooth. The darn thing has been loose since April, but she's a total chicken about losing teeth. Don't ask me why...I don't know why, and neither does she. She just doesn't like the tooth falling out. But this poor little tooth had to go. The new tooth was coming in behind it, and the baby tooth was sticking out at a right angle to her gum. She refuses to wiggle it, so I've been helping it along over the past week or so, with an occassional push or tug. Today it finally gave, and was so loose I was afriad she'd swallow it. And for Snapper, the only thing worse than having the tooth fall out would be not having the tooth to give to the Tooth Fairy. So with some firm persuasion for Snapper, and a little dental floss for the tooth, the two parted ways, and Snapper has a lovely new space in her smile. So cute!

When Pepper woke up, we broke out the cookies, sprinkles, and frosting, turned on the Christmas music mix on my iPod, and spent an hour decorating cookies together as a family. Matt was the most creative with the cookies. Snapper managed to keep her hands out of her mouth! And Pepper ate more frosting and sprinkles than he actually managed to get on the two cookies we gave him to decorate. Don't worry...he had his own spoon and own little bowls of frosting, too! I frosted some cookies, but had more fun manning the camera. Little kids with frosting are great camera food!

We closed out our evening with some Christmas reading. The kids are tucked in bed now. Matt's watching a Christmas movie and making a puppet. I edited today's pictures, and put them in a slide show for you, as they are too numerous to post in this blog. So without further ado, here are the pictures.

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