Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

Today, March 29, 2012, is a basic, ordinary day. However, my eyes are wide open to things that make me smile today. I think I will share!

  • A fluffy, gray and white, Pixie kitty jumping onto my bed and purring in my face when I am waking up in the morning. She loves me into wakefulness every morning, and I adore her.
  • The pair of very vocal cardinals that are nesting in our yard, and fill my day with their glorious songs.
  • My thriving vegetable garden that, if it continues on the growth curve it is on, is going to feed my family all summer!
  • Morning Glories and Sweet Peas sprouting all along my back fence. I planted them last week, and eagerly anticipate their brightness and sweet fragrance.
  • An avocado tree, grapefruit tree, lime tree, tangelo tree, and banana plant that are loaded with baby fruit. I can't wait for them all to be ripe!
  • My polka dot flip flops. Cute and comfy!
  • After 6 months of being broken down in my driveway, our van is finally fixed! Granted, the $236 we spent on it yesterday is only buying us a little more time. The van is 15 years old. We've had it for 10 years, and it has 191,000 miles on it. Praying it holds out until we raise the funds to replace it.
  • The new catch phrase in our house, coined by my 5-year-old son: "Ad gummit!" His own version of "doggone it" and "dad gum!" Cracks me up!
  • Corned beef and cabbage simmering in the crock pot.
  • The privilege of working with Snapper's amazing teachers every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • The sweet relationships I am forming with some of the struggling kids in that class as I help them with math and reading.
  • My husband's new haircut. SO much better than the bush he was growing...
  • New Mint and Dark Chocolate M&Ms. YUM!
  • The photo of three, beautiful little girls smiling at me from my screen. Even if they end up going to another family, I get the privilege of praying for them and enjoying their precious faces.
  • New friends that we get to work at children's conferences with. I love you Michelle, Nita, Stephen, Chris, Mandy, Nikki, Abby, Tessa, and Anna!
  • Watching my daughter rehearse her role as Demeter in the Greek mythology play her gifted class is putting on in May. She is so cute and animated, and she takes her part so seriously!
  • Having a job that allows Matt and me to use our creative gifts to glorify God.
  • Guacamole for lunch!
  • Dear friends who love me and add so much richness to my life.
  • The anticipation of spending Saturday with one of my sweet blog friends!
  • Gluten-free husband has mastered them.
  • Living in Florida. I used to hate it. Now I never want to live anywhere else.
  • The End!

1 comment:

Karon said...

I miss my sweet Pixie kitty and the way she would sit on my head!

I miss that little character, ad gummit!

I need to get some of those mint and dark chocolate M&Ms!

I'm excited about praying for those 3 sweet girls too!

Wish I could come see that play...I know with her dramatic streak, she'll do great!

You may love Florida, but Arkansas still loves and misses you! :)