Saturday, March 17, 2012


This week has been a very busy one. This post is for me, another snapshot of what our everyday life is like right now. Read if you want, but there's nothing exciting here.

  • Monday: Finished printing, stuffed, and sealed our March prayer letter, wrote thank-you notes to supporters, updated our ministry website, worked with Matt on writing his next Danny blog script, researched car repair stuff for our ridiculous minivan that refuses to be fixed, did 5 loads of laundry, finished our new Danny puppet, picked kids up from school, helped with homework, took Snapper to swim team, made dinner, crashed.
  • Tuesday: Staff meeting at Brad and Kathy's house, tutored four 4th graders at the kids' school, posted on my adoption blog, posted on this blog, went to the library to check out the new adoption books they just received, checked out a few I have already read because it is time for a refresher, helped with homework, took Snapper to swim team, ate dinner, replied to an adoption case manager's questions about our family. Went to bed early due to an upset stomach.
  • Wednesday: Took the kids to school, came home and made some adjustments on our new Danny puppet, took Snapper for a new patient appointment with her new pediatrician, took Snapper to the library to get a stack of books to read over spring break, picked up Pepper, helped with homework, made my weekly rounds of the adoption photo listings, sent out a new inquiry on another child who is available for adoption, made dinner, went to Awana, took the kids out for ice cream, came home and crashed.
  • Thursday: Field Day at the kids' school! I volunteered with both the kids' classes. Enjoyed our school family picnic after Field Day. Came home and posted all the Field Day photos on my photography Facebook Page. Replied to several emails, including another one from our case manager. We're   about thigh-deep in the adoption process with two particular kids right now. Still asking questions and waiting to see where it goes. Took Snapper to swim team. Came home. Ate dinner, watched American Idol, went to bed.
  • Friday: First day of Spring Break! Took the kids to SeaWorld so Matt could have a quiet house to work in. He has been working on a new Danny blog all week, experimenting with some new techniques and trying to get the lighting just right for what he's doing. He's supposed to be posting one each week, but this one is going to take a bit longer to get up and running. It's going to be very cool when it's done, but it is definitely not a quick process this time! I had a blast with the kids at SeaWorld, though. We sat in the splash zone at the whale and dolphin show and got soaked! We rode Journey to Atlantis and got--as Pepper said--"soakder" We touched sting rays and watched a dolphin feeding, Snapper talked to the flamingos (and yes, they got all excited and talked back to her), went to three shows, and enjoyed each other thoroughly. We got home at 4:45. I gathered my craft stuff, took Snapper to swim team, and went to a ladies' craft night at church. Came home, packed Snapper's swim bag, and went to bed.
  • Saturday (today): Got up, at breakfast, and drove 30 minutes to Snapper's swim meet. This one is a big, regional championship. Cheered for Snapper while she swam 5 events. Went out to a late lunch with swim friends. Came home. Matt and I planted almost all my little seedlings in the actual garden. Started more plants in the seed trays. This time I'm starting a whole bunch of flowers and herbs! Went to our neighbor's St. Patrick's Day party. Helped Matt finish preparing for kids' church tomorrow. Prepared the books Pepper has written to be mailed to his cousins. Tidied the house. Washed a load of towels and swim team gear for tomorrow's meet. 
  • Sunday (tomorrow): Get up, eat breakfast, pack Snapper's bag, have Matt drop Snapper and me at the meet. Cheer for Snapper while she swims in 5 events. Wait for Matt to pick us up after he finishes at church. Lunch with swim friends. Life group at church. Dinner with friends who are in town from Little Rock. Debrief and plan out our week. Start laundry. 
Just another chapter in our busy, wonderful life. Maybe on Monday I'll have time to post a few Field Day photos!

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