Friday, March 9, 2012

She Gets It!

Our church is in the middle of Rick Warren's 40 Days in the Word study. Our family has been thoroughly enjoying it. I had gotten out of my routine of intentional daily time with God, but now I am back in it. Like I said in yesterday's post, I'm also working on memorizing the book of James. When I wake up in the morning, I find myself excited to get the kids off to school so I can get my cup of coffee, snuggle up in my favorite chair, and have a sweet, wonderful time with my Jesus. The memorizing isn't a chore for me this time. I'm not putting on any pressure to finish it by a certain date. I am slowly working on it to make sure that every precious verse rolls off my tongue without thought  before I move on to the next one. I want it so deep in my heart that I will never forget it. I want it to be like breathing. I have never memorized quite like this before, and I am just loving it!

I am not the only one who is affected by the daily influence of God. Snapper has grabbed on, too! The children's portion of 40 Days in the Word is based on a cheesy, yet fun, video series called Rebels of the Book. It is full of excitement and adventure, which caters to Snapper's taste in literature. On Sunday during Life Group, all the elementary kids--20+ of them--were playing Rebels of the Book out on the church lawn. In their game, all of them were seeking to find the truth of God's Word. Snapper has translated this into her own life. She told me she is "craving God's direction and will for her life." Every night for the last two weeks she has gotten herself ready for bed early, in order to spend 30 minutes reading her Bible and journaling before she goes to sleep. She has also said that falling asleep with God's Word in her mind is giving her more peaceful sleep. I see a difference in her attitude during the day. She is more humble, more patient with her brother, more willing to help around the house, more responsible with her things, more diligent than ever with her homework, and more determined to work hard at swim practice. Even her coach commented last night on the difference! The best part of all is that Matt and I never once suggested that Snapper read her Bible at night. It was something she decided to do on her own. She is tasting and seeing that the Lord is GOOD, and that His Word is powerful in her daily life.

In Kids' Church, Matt and I have taught the kids (from the curriculum) that:

God's Word is true.
God's Word is powerful.
God's Word will change me.
God's Word protects me.

Snapper is testing it, and she has found, as I have, that all of this is true. I am thrilled!

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