Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hope Grows

Last week we inquired on a sibling pair that is available for adoption. For privacy purposes, I will just call them David & Alaina. I heard back from their CM (case manager) within about an hour. She said we weren't a match, so I removed them from my list.

But something about our family profile made her look twice.

The next day, I received an email from our adoption specialist. David & Alaina's CM had emailed her with a few questions about us. She wanted to clarify a few things we said we would not be willing to work with because those things were pretty broad. We were able to be more specific, and she gave us more information about the  kiddos. We were delighted to learn that none of our deal breakers were on the list! So we agreed to move forward.

On April 4 the case team will have a placement staffing in which they review the home studies of our family and a few others who were pre-screened. They will decide which family is best suited for David and Alaina. If we are selected, Matt and I will head to their state for a disclosure staffing. That's when we go through their case history with a fine tooth comb and ask every question the book. We learn everything we can about them. Then we make a final decision. If we decide to move forward with the adoption, we get to meet the kids.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers.

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