Friday, October 16, 2009

Rocking the Boat

Why is communication about important things so hard? I mean seriously, important things should be talked about. Important things like:

Heart emotions
Areas in your life and/or your spouse's life that need growth
The list goes on.

Yet when the time comes to talk about these things, my first instinct is to clam up and hide. Is it that I don't want to rock the boat? Is it that I just don't like being the one to create conflict? I really don't know. I just know that sometimes opening up and talking is the hardest thing to do. I have to force myself to do it.

Can anyone else relate?
I'd love to open a dialogue here, get some feedback. So here are two questions:
1. What issues are the most difficult for you to discuss with your spouse?
2. How have you grown in the area of keeping open lines of communication?

I love you, bloggy friends.


Southern Belle said...

Yes I can relate! = ) I had to smile when I realized we both posted on communication and marriage today. Truth be told I am still working on how to do this without causing DH to stop talking to me.

For me the areas that cause us the most problems are: hurts and areas in our lives that need growth.

How have we grown in keeping the open lines of communication? I guess my answer to that would be if at first you don't succeed try, try again.

In all honesty I will say I thought we had finally bridged the communication gap in our marriage, but a couple weeks away from eachother it became obvious we still have much to learn on this issue. What keeps me going is remembering that God is in control and that He will see us through this valley. God is good!


Southern Belle said...

Hi Emily,

To answer your question from my recent post, yes, I will totally ask you how you are doing from time to time in the area of "stuffing." I have a habit of stuffing issues as well. Only thing is eventually the issue always surface, so regardless DH and I have to deal with it. If you wouldn't mind sending some prayers my way for the same thing I would appreciate that as well.

~Christine = )

The Yorks said...

Great questions! For Nate and I, I've just had to learn to be patient. He'll tell me after he's finished processing internally and when he's ready. I process externally, so he's usually my sounding board. And since we consider each other our best friend, there is no one else that we'd communicate with (at least at first). Our issue on communication is usually forgetting more trivial stuff like, why didn't you tell me we're doing something with the extended family? We call it being socially responsible. Haha!