Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The last few weeks I have learend again never to take for granted:
1. My health
2. Sunshine

I have definitely been under the weather--circumstantially, physically, emotionally. I'm just a fat blob of gray sitting on a couch in Central Arkansas.

I think we have had 4 sunny days in the last month. I have long struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but have had it well under control, thanks to the glorious existence of Welbutrin! But I think it is time to talk to the doc and raise my dosage, because it isn't working! Sunshine is in the forecast for the next few days. Oh wow, am I ever looking forward to soaking up some rays!

Sickness has been tracking me like a bloodhound this last month, too. Laryngitis and bronchitis took me out in Round 1. There was never Round 2...just a complete knockout. I'm still not convinced I didn't have H1N1 in official diagnosis, but my symptoms exactly follow descriptions of the virus. And here I am a week of fever-free, and still dragging all day. No energy. Zip. Nada. My family is lucky to have gotten to eat the last week!

All that plays on the emotions, too. Add a traveling husband, challenging circumstances at home, and the cancellation of a planned family trip, and I'm just kind of a mess. Oh. And financial woes, too. It's that time of year.

Sorry to host a little sob-fest here, but I journal the down times as well as the up times. Lay it all out there, because I'm far from perfect. No use being delusional, right?

Ha ha!

On the bright side, Snapper's swim team is going great! She swims in her first meet next weekend! Pepper is fully potty trained at night! Woot! I have bought my last package of Pull-Ups, at least for a time! The trees are changing colors! I have a beautiful maple tree that I enjoy all year. I purposely modify my travel route when driving to see my friend Karon, in order to drive by that spectacular tree! Be watching for pictures, coming soon. The tree needs another week or two before it will peak. Finally, I was healthy enough on Monday to go photograph my friend Jodie's new baby, Ashten. He is 3 weeks old, and a total cutie pie! Here's my favorite pics from the shoot.

Alrighty then, grumpfest is over. I'm going to make an apple cake and an egg casserole to feed my Bible study ladies for breakfast tomorrow. And I also need to pack Snapper's lunch. Then I am going to bed. Night night, bloggy friends! I am thankful for you.


Stef said...

Em, I'm so sorry :( I have a friend who literally needs the sun to shine once a day or she gets this way. Some bodies do just need it more than others. I feel horrible, because I have the opposite reaction to the sun (makes me grouchy, tired and lethargic) and so I've been whining over here about how we never get any stormy days. I will pray for you... your attitude is a good one. Its always good to admit the issues and understand what's going on - makes God's job a lot easier :)

Kristin said...

Yuk to all the sickness. This year has just been awful with all the viruses.The pictures are amazing - great job!

RachelRuelas said...

Emily. I hope this sad fest doesn't last long. Thankful, some things doesn't last forever! I pray that as the sun touches your face, you're refreshed by the Father's love and grace. You are a wonderful person and I don't want you feel icky anymore! I love those photos! Adorable! Wish you lived near us so you could photograph our wedding anniversary pictures!
Have a great day!

What is this about? said...

Hi Emily,

I think all the weather you guys get eventually drifts over this way. It HAS been very dreary out!
Absolutely LOVE those pics!!! The one with Ashten's little feet and his parent's rings are priceless. I've never seen a shot taken like that. You have talent my friend!

Hope you're feeling more peppy!

Tammy Warta said...

It's kind of funny how people are different - I was getting depressed from having SO MUCH sunshine and totally perked up when it finally rained for a day this week :)

I love you, you are amazing and I miss you <3

Southern Belle said...

(((hugs))) So sorry the last week has been so awful for you...I am praying the sun shines for you and a lot of it!

The photos are adorable, especially the one with the cute little feet and the wedding rings.

The Yorks said...

Hey Em,

I had SAD while in Germany. Being that far north in the winter is literally depressing. It's actually equivalent to Canada in terms of latitude. But I heard that those sun boxes work well, or full spectrum light bulbs. There's no UV light, so you won't tan/burn, but it helps your body to produce those good brain chemicals. Check it out. Maybe it would help?