Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Prayers

Little in my life is as thrilling as watching my kiddos grasp new things about the amazing God of the universe, and when they understand how much He loves them. More and more, Snapper is "getting it." I love her enthusiasm for learning about God, and for hiding His Word in her heart. I love listening to her prayers, too. She is so frank and open in her conversations with God. I need to listen carefully to her and take lessons.

Every morning when we get within about a half mile of her school, we pray together, along with our 1st grade buddy S who we carpool with. Today's prayer was a classic, and I must write it down before I forget.

"Dear Lord, I mean, Dear God, thank you for this beautiful fall day you have made for us! It is such a perfect morning! God, please take this day and bless it to the nourishment of my body. And God? Please give me wisdom today. Give everyone at school wisdom today, especially the bullies. They need to be wise so they know better than to hurt people's feelings or bodies. Yup God, please give those bullies extra wisdom. Oh, and God? Please bless this day to the nourisment of S's body too, because he really needs it. Please help me be a good friend today, even when it is hard, because there are some kids at school who are hard to love. Please speak to me today Jesus, because I want to hear from you. I'll even give you a chance to speak to me right now. (10 seconds of silence, her eyes squeezed tightly shut) That's okay, Jesus. I know that wasn't really enough time for you to say anything, and I'm kind of rushed right now. But anyway God, don't forget to give me wisdom today. And thank you again for this gorgeous day! I love you, God. In the precious name of my Lord Jesus Christ I pray, Amen."

Then she was off, skipping to her class with bright confidence and optimism in her eyes. She has learned that God will give her the ability to make wise choices when she asks Him for help. And she trusts Him implicitly.

Oh God, I thank you for the glorious fall weather. Take this day and bless it to the nourishment of my soul. May I learn yet again to trust you in total confidence. Thank you for the precious daughter you have given me. Help me to be wise and to watch for you every day. I love you.


Tara said...

What a sweet and genuine prayer!

Stef said...

um... complete preciousness. sweet smelling aroma to our Lord!

Hofwoman said...

Precious. This must warm your heart so much!