Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm A...What?

I spent much of today up at LifeChange doing inventory of our childcare materials and supplies that we use at staff meetings. Big job. Sweaty job involving the moving of large totes off of high shelves and then putting them back up. Snapper and Pepper enjoyed some time at Daddy's desk...eating snacks, drinking soda, being spoiled by the guys in Matt's department. On the way home, Snapper wanted to ride with Daddy. So I hit the road with Pepper in my van, and Snapper and Daddy went in his car. Matt called me about 5 minutes into the drive to share Snapper's observations with me.

"Daddy, you are a fast, speedy-quick driver. But Mommy, she drives like a sleepy old bear."

I'm a...sleepy old bear!?! least this sleepy old bear has never received a speeding ticket!

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Stef said...

haha! I love it.