Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Love...

One of the blogs I follow is the FamilyLife Mom Blog today (check my blogroll) and was encouraged by Barbara Rainey's post on Summer in the South. Since I also live in the South, it was easy to relate to this blog! While I'm often tempted to gripe about the heat and humidity, there are things that I truly love about living in Arkansas in the summer. Just for fun, I'll list those things.

6. I can wear shorts and tank tops on the porch at midnight and not get cold.

5. Swimming is VERY refreshing when it is so hot outside.

4. The Little Rock Farmer's Market is in full swing, with lots of wonderful local produce. We love to drive in on weekends and load up on fresh produce and flowers.

3. I can get the perfect, most refreshing drink--sweet tea--just about anywhere!

2. Spectacular thunderstorms frequently roll through, providing amazing entertainment and cooling the air.

1. Fireflies add sparkle to every evening. They are my favorite part of living in Arkansas in the summer.


My name is Stacie... said...

I wish I could list that many good things about summer in Arkansas. Can't seem to get past the spiders, chiggers, grand-daddy longlegs, snakes, turtles, toads and lizards that greet me each morning when I walk out the door. Now we have dead locusts. Yuck!

Jenn Kozak said...

You're so positive, I love it!! #3 is my favorite. Got to have the sweet tea...