Monday, July 14, 2008

The Coolest Evening

Summer here in Arkansas is typically too hot for outdoor activities. This year has been the exception to that rule. The summer Pepper was born, we had a heat spell that began in late June and lasted all the way into early August where we broke 98 degrees every day. 20 days in a row it was over 102 every day. This year we haven't even hit 100 yet! Our high today was 91, so we packed up a picnic dinner (egg salad sandwiches, potato chips, and cherries), and made the drive to Burns Park for a picnic and some disc golf. It was warm and pretty humid, but it wasn't hot. We enjoyed a round of disc golf with Grandma, Deb-Deb, and the kids before heading home at bedtime. As if that wasn't cool enough...

Way back in my freshman year of college (12 years I feel old!), I met this really great guy, Brian, in my Algebra class. We ended up having Music Appreciation together that semester, too. We studied together a lot, and had fun just hanging out. The next year we worked together at Staples. Then we both transferred to San Jose State. We didn't see each other as often, but still met up from time to time for coffee or lunch. He and his fiancee came to our wedding. That was the last time I saw Brian. We were supposed to go to his wedding, but I was on bed rest, pregnant Snapper. And after that we completely lost touch with Brian and Allison. I haven't talked to him at all in 7 years. Then my BFF Noel was at a housewarming party, and who should she meet but Brian! Somehow they made the connection that they both knew me, and awesome Noel got us back in contact. I just spent an hour of most satisfying conversation on the phone with Brian! We had a lot to talk about after 7 years. I told him about our kiddos, and he told me he's going to be a first-time daddy next week! How cool is that?!? So thanks Noel! And Brian, I'm very glad to revive this friendship.

Yup, this was the coolest evening!

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Stef said...

this kind of stuff IS super cool. Also... the slide show at the bottom of your page is so c-u-t-e!