Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Sweetness

961. Posting my need for good reads on Facebook and being overwhelmed by the response. I will not run out of books to read until Christmas!
962. That a majority of the books were available at the library
963. A weekend of wonderful weather: warm, blustery, rainy Saturday and glorious clear, sunny, balmy, breezy, un-humid Sunday
964. Our neighbor's star jasmine blooming and filling the air with a delightful fragrance that smells like my childhood summers
965. A long conversation with my sister
966. Evidence of deepening bonds between Bubbles, Matt and me
967. Seeing her take ownership of our family (in a very unconventional, yet delightful way that is too personal to post on this blog but is detailed in my own journal)
968. Spending Sunday afternoon playing outside with my kids
969. Discovering that spinning Sunny on our tire swing for about 10 minutes completely resets her sensory system, and Pepper's attentiveness to his little sister's needs.

970. My 6-year-old son's wonky sense of humor. Okay, so Pepper's real name is Jackson. GASP! I said it on my blog? Yes! I said it. So you will understand why this photo is so funny. He came out, set himself up like this and said, "Look, Mom! I'm a Jack-in-the-box!" He is such a ham! Totally cracks me up!

971. Piper independently riding a two-wheeler! I love this photo because of her ballerina socks. She has insisted on riding Pepper's old boy bike because her bike is bigger and it scares her. Even on a boy bike, she managed to let the girly girl shine through. By the end of the afternoon she had mastered riding on her bike...which is pink and purple and has a sparkly basket.

972. Bubbles and Snapper teaching themselves to skateboard on the boards they bought at a thrift store last week

973. Reading stories and snuggling with my two littlest girls
974. Taking about 100 silly face photos of Bubbles and me together
975. The delight of unbridled joy and laughter shared with a child who until very recently has been completely controlled by fear
976. A very exciting and satisfying end to yesterday's NASCAR race. I love seeing the underdog win!
977. An uncomplicated bedtime for Sunny last night. I never take those for granted!
978. A breakfast date with Matt this morning
979. The fun of picking up the breakfast tab for one of our school's support staff who was in the restaurant at the same time and then sneaking out without telling her. Why? Because it's Teacher Appreciation Week and we love the wonderful people who faithfully serve the kids at our school. Matt wrote a sweet note on the receipt and had the waitress deliver it to the table after we left. He didn't sign his name to it. FUN!
980. The clean smell that is permeating my house today because of the mountain of clean laundry that is on my couch waiting to be folded

Happy Monday!

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